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What problem does your product or service solve?

As discussed in the previous blog identifying your ideal client, partner or investor is just the beginning of a successful marketing campaign. The next aspect is understanding the problems they have that your product or service solves. Essentially, why should they buy from you?

Identifying their pain point

Marketeers refer to this problem solving as identifying ‘pain points’, because a strong motivation to act is when we feel pain, such as stress, frustration, exhaustion, a sense of injustice. We all make decisions with our emotions and justify with our logic.

Understanding of this is needed to produce an impactful marketing message. But, it needs considering that every ideal client group will need a different message as they will have different pain points.

Taking a broad example, if you have produced a medical device which helps clinicians treat their patients more quickly and less painfully, your message may focus on this aspect. When communicating with business partners about the same device the focus may be on speed to market and ease of manufacture, with investors, the focus is likely to around ROI models.   

To break it down, if your product or service helps make an engineer’s or a clinician’s job easier, clarify in your marketing:

  • What aspect of the job does it address?
  • How will it make the job easier?
  • How does the potential client feel at the moment about this aspect of their job?

By understanding the pain points and showing that you are empathetic will attract them to you and your product in search of the relief it will bring them.

How to identify the pain points?

Identifying these pain points comes from knowing your market and your clients, and by documenting your findings. Speaking to different people within the industry, working with an unbiased third-party inside or outside your organisation and with your current customers will help to identify:

  • Current pain points.
  • The catalyst that makes them do something about the problem.
  • What prevents them from buying a product or service.

Knowing why people buy and why they don’t buy as well as the problems the purchase solves provides a great foundation from which to build a successful marketing campaign.

(Marketing is all about attraction – sales is about action. Until you have attracted the right people to your business and your product or service and start those vital conversations a sale is more difficult to close. )I feel this is lost here – probably needs a short blog on it’s own or to be at the start of another blog

If you think you could do with some guidance on identifying your ideal clients and their pain points within the science, technology and engineering sector contact Priddey Marketing today.

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