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Claim your niche

When I ask a client, “who is this product/service aimed at?” I get disheartened by any response that starts with “Anyone in the … [enter age group, industry, interest group].

In general, any sentence which begins with a sweeping generalisation of “anyone,” is for a start not going to be true as this suggests without extra clarification that it will include everyone/anyone in the entire world, of all age groups and occupations. This is just not feasible.  

The smartest marketing campaigns reduce their ideal ‘client’ profiles down to as few as possible.

 But everyone will be interested…

Perhaps you do have a product that would be useful for a number of groups of people within the science, technology or engineering industries, but that doesn’t mean the same message will work for all of those groups.

Whilst you CAN sell to everyone, you can’t TARGET everyone with the same message, on all platforms at the same time.

Claim your niche

For the most efficient use of resource and the optimum marketing success, you should focus on one target ideal client at a time and be clear about how your service/product is different.

For example, your company produces a cyber security solution which can improve the safety of data from cyber threats. So do thousands of other organisations. How is your offering different? If there is little or no difference, how can you position your offering to be different to your competitors? Do you consider a different ideal client, neglected by your competitors? Nailing your niche doesn’t have to be with the product itself, it could be with the industry or sector you are working within.

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