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Knowing your existing customers

When creating the ideal client profiles (also called ‘avatars’) of potential clients for targeted marketing, it is always a good idea to look at your current client base. This tells you the type of customers you have already as well as identifying what type of clients you actually like working with.

Are any of your current clients ideal clients? They can be used to identify common characteristics and help target your marketing message.

How to categorise your clients

Follow this step by step guide to identify who your ideal clients are as a means of attracting more like them.

  • Make a list of all your current clients, with their company size, role and service/product they purchase from you.
  • Identify where you first connected with them (e.g. industry event, LinkedIn, webinar etc.) and which marketing activity was being used.
  • What were their pain points? What problem did you find a solution for?
  • Do you like working with them? Why?
  • Are they good payers or do you have to chase them?
  • Are they high maintenance?
  • Do they communicate well or do they disappear for weeks at a time?

Why are they returning clients?

Another way of using current clients for market research is by carrying out surveys and questionnaires to find out why they keep returning to your business over a competitor. This could help to identify your USP.

This can be done via online software which creates the surveys and collects the answers on your behalf. Howeverpeople rarely complete online surveys and are not always honest (e.g. ticking all the middle of the road answers) and the information gathered may not be that useful. There is also a heavy reliance on asking the right questions.

A more effective way is to commission an unbiased inhouse or third-party organisation to carry out a survey over the phone or face-to-face, leaving room for follow-up conversations and free form answers. A study by Szolnoki in Science Direct showed that respondents reacted better with face to face when answering questions than over the phone, and then over the phone as opposed to online surveys – and if the interviewer is not connected with the company they are more likely to be honest about room for improvement.

If you would like help with gaining insightful information about your current clients or how to create an ideal client avatar, contact Priddey Marketing today and let’s start on that road to business growth.