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STEM Advisers Hub – March 2021 Open Meeting

Do you work in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing or Medical Sector?

This is a specialist group to connect business leaders working in a STEM sector with each other and for advisers already working with clients in one or more of the above sectors to provide expert advice and support to those leaders. Book here

The group is founded on being a trusted, friendly, supportive environment for all working in these sectors.

At these meetings you will have the opportunity to

  • Network with new contacts
  • Reconnect with existing contacts to build relationships
  • Share practical ideas and insights to improve your business

The Agenda for this meeting is:

  • 1.00pm – Welcome
  • 1.10pm – Networking in breakout rooms
  • Break
  • 1.35pm – Topic presentation
  • 1.45pm- Networking – conversation around a topic and feedback. This month’s topic is the changes around business development.
  • 2.30pm – Close

If you’d like to raise a topic for future meetings, just email

Here’s some of the comments from our meetings:

‘I really enjoyed my first meeting – they were lots of fellow ‘nerds’ in the room and no pressure to be fluent’

it is one of the online networking events that I have kept up with – a great group of people there’

‘I thought an hour and a half was going to be a bit of a drag, but the time flew by.’

‘Really well organised and informative, and I’ve already received a referral.’

‘You can tell the depth of understanding and support amongst the hub members.’

‘great meeting today, thanks for hosting, and really happy to be part of the next one’

‘it was a very good session and I was really impressed how well ZOOM worked with the breakout sessions.’

‘Thanks for a great meeting’

‘I’d forgotten how much these type of events can energise me. … there were some great tangible ideas to try which I hope others will find useful. ‘

‘Many thanks for an enjoyable meeting on Tuesday….it was very well organised.’