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How do I convert leads?

The objective of most marketing campaigns is to build your brand, and let people know who you are and what you do. A marketing campaign can be focused on promoting a product or an event or simply just to get potential clients to arrange a meeting with you to find out more.

It is very easy to focus wholly on ensuring the campaign is successful, without actually thinking about the next stage in the process.

So, when planning your marketing campaign, you have to ensure you have:

  • The products required to fulfil the orders/ The time to carry out the services booked and
  • The time to follow up any leads.

It is this final one which is particularly important. If your campaign is to raise awareness and to bring people to your brand, you have to have the time to actually follow up with the potential clients and convert them into sales or investments.

There are four easy steps to converting leads from a marketing campaign into paying customers.

  1. Do not keep leads waiting. If a lead shows interest in your business, product or services, follow up as quickly as possible. A 2011 study showed that only 46% of businesses followed up a lead within 24 hours[1] whereas another report shows that many leads lose interest within 90 minutes of initial contact.[2] 
  2. Not all leads are equal. It is important to qualify the lead. Someone arranging a call with you may be a stronger lead than someone who downloaded a PDF from your website. However whatever the first encounter, there are key questions to answer to ensure you follow up properly with the right sense of urgency and detail.
  3. Keep in contact. If you contact the lead and they’re not quite ready to commit, stay in touch and ask them if they would be interested in any free services or your newsletter.
  4. Monitor the pipeline.  Ensure that you have a clear process for converting leads into sales and keep a record of where each lead is along the process.

Knowing where the marketing campaign sits within your wider sales process can ensure that the work achieved by the marketing doesn’t go to waste due to an unclear process or no time scheduled to deal with the new leads.

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