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How do I follow up leads properly?

So, you have been working closely with a marketing professional like Priddey Marketing to promote your latest service or product or to build brand awareness. Throughout the campaign the number of leads has increased, which is just what you wanted. But, perhaps the next steps aren’t clear, and you are worried about how to follow-up these leads without scaring them off by being too salesy in your approach.

The best way to follow up leads

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ with follow-up processes, as all organisations are different, and all potential clients are different. Therefore, you have to find the best means of follow-up for your business and your brand.

  • Create a follow-up process. Think through your sales process, who is responsible for which action? Identify which materials are needed and what can be automated – without losing the personal touch if this is important. This is where your CRM (previously written about) can be a real asset.
  • Categorise your leads. Identify where the leads have come from and whether they are warm or hot leads. For example, someone who has requested a meeting may not be satisfied with an email, whereas someone signing up for the newsletter may be put off by a phone-call.
  • Identify the best form of contact. There are numerous options for contact including phone calls, email, social media chat or Whatsapp. However, none of these options is failsafe, and it is important to pick those which are ideal for your clients as well as for you and your personality.
  • Avoid the aggressive sales pitch. No one enjoys a one-sided aggressive sales pitch. Take time to understand pain points before evaluating whether and explaining how product or service could be the answer to their problems.
  • Offer value. With warm leads, like newsletter subscribers make sure the newsletters offer value (information, how tos, discounts) which will prevent them from unsubscribing before becoming clients.
  • Know when to stop. Always follow up with leads within 24 hours, but if you fail to make contact don’t ‘pester’ them with multiple voice messages or emails. Learn the techniques to find out if your efforts are being wasted or whether checking back at regular intervals may be appreciated in the long run.

The best way to counter the potential pitfalls when following up leads is to have a follow-up schedule, and make sure you stick to it. This should outline how you contact specific lead types, how often and when you should follow-up those who haven’t responded, more importantly when to stop contacting them.

Getting it right when dealing with new leads can be tricky.

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