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Human to Human marketing – the changing trends in marketing

Human to human marketing is a phrase you may have heard. It is linked to the buzz word ‘authenticity’ which has taken on new dimensions in this online, TEAMS/Zoom-led world.

  • Firstly – We are less likely to be battling to get past a gatekeeper, but are more often able to get straight through to the right person.
  • Secondly – This direct approach means that the traditional distinction between ‘B2B’ (business to business) and ‘B2C’ (business to consumer)’ is getting blurred.

Human to Human

Throughout these blog posts, I keep mentioning the importance of focus on an ‘ideal client’. It’s the same idea as presenting at a large conference by focusing on one person in the audience at a time. Hearing more people talking about ‘Human to Human’ marketing or ‘H2H’ again is simply an extension of this idea.

Marketing has long since moved away from the cold sales pitch and has moved towards communicating and nurturing relationships with people. This is good and one of my mantras is :

‘your ideal client is a person, not a building’.

The laboratory, office, manufacturing plant, engineering department doesn’t buy your product or service; it’s the person within that buys. Contact with this person (the decision maker) has been made much easier for some recently as it became commonplace to work from home. And much more authentic and human when interrupted by children, or they had to run off to answer the front door or the cat or dog was jumping up at them!

Dress informally

Along with entering into clients’ and investors’ homes, there is now a wider tolerance to meetings being disturbed, as well as a more relaxed approach to appearance with the suit and tie persona no longer expected.

Along with this more relaxed approach to meeting etiquette, there is also more tolerance for human flaws. It is now more acceptable for people to get things wrong, for example when the internet gutters or ‘you’re on mute’ and often this is used in marketing strategy to show humanness.

Adjusting your marketing strategy – be more human

It is a known adage that people buy from people. By showing your authentic self, and your understanding of your ideal client, you make your organisation or business more appealing. Which all comes back to being clear about your ideal client. So, that hasn’t changed!

If you need help with identifying or communicating directly with your ideal client – we’re here on +44 (0)1235 606077 or, or book a 15 minute chat directly with Su on her Calendly link.

P.S. We’re human too 😊