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Diversity of thinking – is it important?

‘Diversity of thinking’ in business and how do I avoid ‘feast and famine’ are regular topics of conversation with my clients and network.

During the summer, I virtually met and discussed these issues with Mike Lander, CEO of Piscari Limited, who is a procurement specialist.

There has been much written and discussed about diversity. Notably McKinsey has published a number of reports on why diversity is good for business. However I was challenged by an engineering and technology MD not so long ago. He said he recruits on merit. He doesn’t have the luxury to recruit in order to tick a ‘diversity’ box. This got me thinking about what we really mean by diversity? And what is good for an SME business?

Similarly, is it realistic to claim you can eradicate ‘feast and famine’ in terms of business development, particularly in a B2B or service-led business?

Shouldn’t we really call it ‘diversity of thinking’?

And can we really avoid ‘feast and famine’ in business?

Mike decided to record a conversation as part of his ‘Piscari Insights’ series. In the video we share our thoughts around what is realistic when running a business. Watch and see if you agree with our conclusions.

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Mike is now one of our trusted associates who has expertise in helping to critique written and presented tender applications. If you’d like to learn more about how this works and integrates with your marketing strategies, please do contact me directly on my Calendly link or email

The importance of diversity of thinking