About Us

Priddey Marketing is run by Su Copeland.

As you might have already realised....!

Su has 30 years' experience in strategic and tactical sales & marketing. Her particular expertise is in working and collaborating with experts and companies in the STEMM and professional sectors.

From 2008 to 2014 she grew a successful ethical B2B telemarketing company whose clients included Microsoft, Fujitsu, Reuters, Pearson Education and Sanofi Pasteur.  Since then, she has worked with many senior teams to help improve their market positioning and profitability. 

Su is well-respected across the Thames Valley and Science Vale business communities. She sits on the  Oxford Chamber of Commerce Committee, and her focus is on helping teams to ethically progress and achieve their goals. 

"What Su does best, and it’s just stunning, is the amount of clarity she brings incredibly quickly.

It’s like giving her apples, pears, oranges etc and saying now make a blackberry crumble, and she does!"

"Su’s key strengths have been her ability to spot and be able to fix what’s going awry in the sales process in a sensitive manner. She brings energy and drive to the team, and unflinching support at a strategic level."

"Because she is so well connected, she is good at making appropriately qualified introductions. I should add, it’s also fun doing business with Su on the team."

For delivery of telemarketing "Working with Priddey Marketing feels more like an extension of our team... Highly professional and collaborative in their approach...very proactive and flexible, which allows us to quickly take advantage of market insight and opportunities to get the best results for us.  We enjoy working together!" 

"Because Su took the time to find out from us what we needed to know and about our company, it meant that the course was really focused on us and what we do very day, and so it was really useful." 

"Su made the effort to tailor the course to our company and issues we deal with day to day. We came away with tools specific to us, for us to start using and refine for future use."

"Su, from Priddey Marketing, is easy to work with. Her creativity, innovation and positive energy are infectious. Her diligence, flexibility and ability to work at a pace suited to the clients working pace – in my case speedy! - means you feel confident that any job is being handled properly."

"Good interaction - responsive to the needs of course participants."

"The understanding and attention to detail on our project was exceptional."

"STEMM provided a comprehensive course on project management, that will certainly support our progress into the future."

"Active tutor who keeps up a steady momentum, maintaining involvement of those being trained and happy to interact and advise on subjects brought up out of the blue."

"Use of active (own company) projects was very helpful."

" Fun and engaging."

"Brilliant and inspiring day - would highly recommend"