A definition of expertise

I presented at an Oxfordshire Project meeting in Thame this morning and was discussing the importance of vision, and that by focussing on it you naturally become the known expert.

One of the group, William who is a photographer, came up with the analogy of driving to work.

He said it was like when you get a new job and drive to work the first day. You know where you are and where you need to get to but you don’t yet know the best route.

Over time you eliminate different routes, because of traffic, road works, someone suggests a shortcut and finally you find the best route. You can now be confident at what time to leave the house every day because you’ve got the journey down to a fine art!

What a great description for having a clear vision in mind and then working out the best way to get there.

I’d like to add that while you are working out the best route, you become better and better at getting there. So that YOU become the expert, and people start asking you for advice on the best route.

So there you have it.

One definition of an expert is someone who has driven towards the same place so many times that people now ask him for the best route! Thanks William.