Business Manifesto

Business Manifesto – Practical Do’s and Don'ts for SME’s during Covid-19, by SMEs!

  • I believe in supporting businesses that support their staff, clients and suppliers well – no matter the environment.
  • I believe in supporting business leaders who want to be successful, to innovate, to disrupt for the good of others, not simply to make a profit.
  • I believe there are lots of great companies and business owners who deserve a bigger audience, they just feel uncomfortable shouting about themselves.
  • I believe we are stronger finding solutions together.

 This has not changed because of Covid-19.

There are lots of businesses who are able to make an immediate positive impact on supporting others during this time. For example, companies who are actively turning their expertise to testing and protective equipment. What about the rest of us, who would like to help but are not sure how?

If you are running a business, what ideas, thoughts, tips, guides, experience  can you share with others to provide useful, practical support to keep businesses productive. Simply contact me with your ideas to share:

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 Here are some ideas to get you started based on conversations I’ve had over the last couple of days:

 Tips/ insight into:

·       How to keep hold of good employees

·       How to keep virtual teams motivated

·       Mental health for leaders and their teams

·       Strategies for during and post-lockdown

·       How the global market is going to change

·       How to create a sales pipeline in lockdown

·       Businesses that have changed how they deliver their offering

·       Scheduling the day around child home schooling

·       Keeping a sense of humour – what’s appropriate to share

·       Top sellers on Amazon are currently things like secateurs, fence paint, weedol – do we share hobby tips?