Coronavirus Update

Video on Covid-19 Support

What strange, unsettling times we find ourselves in due to COVID-19.

It is reassuring to see that the businesses I work with are quickly implementing their risk strategies and prioritising:

1.     Immediate actions to protect staff and allow them to work from home wherever possible.

2.     Communicating with clients to provide reassurance and support.

3.     Assessing the financial implications, and carefully managing cashflow.

There has already been lots to organise, lots of disruption and there will undoubtedly be lots of challenges over the coming months. 

This is my reassurance to you that I am here to continue to support and advise clients, those who may become clients in the future and my network of contacts. I’ll continue to work from home and use video conferencing more. All face to face events and training have been cancelled until further notice although we continue to run remote training and I’m preparing to run my events online to keep the lines of communication open, helpful and positive.

 During this difficult time, I (and my business network) are available to you if you want a sounding board or help with something more specific. Once you have had a chance to deal with immediate issues, you may find you have more (enforced) time to plan, be strategic and think about positioning your business for the upturn. This crisis is making many business owners reassess their business models, I’m here if you want to chat it through. If worries about cashflow are stopping you reaching out, let’s discuss it. We’re all going to be hit financially; we will find ways to support each other.

 What can we do to help each other and what conversations are you having? Here are some of the comments from conversations I’ve had recently:

 “As we find we can work remotely, I hope it makes businesses think more carefully about business travel in future, that has to be good for the planet”

“Too many businesses haven’t been making hay while the sun shone and making sure they have a 3-6 month cash resilience in the business, hopefully this sort of planning will become the business norm after this crisis.”

 “Maybe as we are now being asked to work from home, business owners will trust their teams more”

Very best wishes and keep safe