How do I attract more clients?

In the middle of that wonderful summer of 2018, I was contacted by a company asking for help. They were frustrated they weren’t attracting the right sort of clients – that was their brief.

How could they stand out from the crowd? And how could they win more interest from the types of customers they wanted?

Problems that needed answers.

Well, I usually start my investigations with detailed research and, in this case, I had a few questions:

  •  Who were their ideal clients – that fitted the business now?
  •  What marketing were they doing?
  •  What could be improved, and how?

Notebook in hand, I began by interviewing some of their staff. Then I created a bespoke questionnaire and ran a customer survey with a few of their clients, over the phone. “What are your perceptions of the company?” I asked them; and “How would you describe it to other people?”

The feedback I got was enlightening.

Two things were becoming clear, as I collated the results and began drafting my report: (1) the company faced a lot of serious competition; and (2) their marketing needed tweaking. To tell the truth, there was a bit of a 'mismatch' - between the message they were giving out and what was being heard. 

Answers, maybe, to why the company wasn’t meeting its goals.

I ran my results and recommendations past my client, first with their senior team – to discuss the implications, and to check out some of the details – and then with their wider staff.

In essence, their ideal client profile had changed, but their sales and marketing strategy had remained the same. (See diagram)infographic 2JPG

The two now needed realigning with some practical next steps I concluded (And after some more lovely summer weather, and a few more discussions, that is what I am helping them with now.)

Any of this sound familiar?

How good is your marketing?  

My experience of working with STEMM businesses is that marketing activities can be neglected for more stimulating work like research, product development and innovation.

‘Be careful’ – that’s my message to you.

These activities may be what drive and motivate you most, but if you neglect marketing, or your messages are muddled or unfocussed … your turnover will soon feel the effects.

Don’t let your goals lie flat on their backs. Just give me a call (01235 606077), email or use the contact form to arrange an informal chat or meeting.