How to attract high value clients in Science & Technology

Right now, many of us are busier than ever, whether that’s because we are doing schoolwork with our children whilst running a business or because we are having to shift more things online and adapt to the new ways of working whilst ensuring we stay up to date with government guidelines as an ongoing priority. Attracting High value clients right now will allow you to work with a smaller customer base whilst ensuring maximum value in the future.

Here are some top tips on how to get this right:

-       Re-evaluate your ideal customer and your messaging for this moment in time during lockdown - and then after lockdown

-       Pivot your marketing to the current climate and the 'new normal'

-       Know Your Audience - a bit of research always helps

-       Know Your Product inside and out - but consider the benefits for clients and end-users, rather than just the technical 'how it works'

-       Be concise

-       Talk with passion and positivity about how you can serve - usually in these sectors there is an underlying vision to help and make a positive difference, make sure you articulate this

-       Listen even more

-       Take ownership and be accountable

-       Offer value, value and more value - you will probably need to rethink your pricing structures, and your trial/proof of concept offerings

-       Be a consistent, reliable resource 

-       Be results oriented – what is it that your clients and their end-users need from your discovery/technology breakthrough? Focus on that.

-        Grow your network of commercial influence. It's important to own your IP, but knowing when and how to discuss and market your innovation is critical to success. Look for trusted, specialists who can support, advise and connect you to the right people.

These are just some of the reasons that I set up a specialist group, the STEM Advisers Hub, to link business owners in science and technology with those service providers who are excelling in these areas of expertise and are working with Science and Tech professionals daily. We run regular Open meetings which are safe environments to meet and seek advise.  Here's a link if you’d like to know more 

If you'd like help with finding more high value clients, get in touch