How was your 2016?

2016. It’s been a funny old year.

Some had a great year, some are doing much better than expected, a number of businesses I speak with found it a bit of a tough year.

For example, some have seen an upturn in business since the Brexit vote others have found activities have stagnated. And there seems to have been more than average personal turmoil going around at the moment….or maybe that’s just an age thing?! (Collective groan from those of us over 35!)

It’s certainly been a mixed year for Priddey Marketing. On the sad side we have witnessed businesses which couldn’t hold on any longer and others unable to push forward with plans because of uncertainty over funding – for those we continue to offer support to help them through the difficult times. On the positive side, we

  • have delivered lots of successful sales&marketing client campaigns (messaging, branding, lead generation...)
  • now offer quality outsourced telemarketing
  • have set-up of a sister training company ( with a range of business skills courses for scientists and engineers which have also been approved by The Royal Society of Chemistry. And look out for  Open Courses in 2017, you can learn about the first ones which are running in Cambridge in February here.

As you plan and look forward to 2017, don’t forget to recognise and celebrate your achievements in 2016. There will be learnings behind all those challenges to guide you forward. When you consider the last 12 months, you might be surprised at how many positives there were – or how a challenge is now turning into a new opportunity. And certainly, if you’ve had a good year, work out how to capitalise on it and keep that sales&marketing machine running consistently.

Here are three simple steps to guide you:

  1. Assess your plans and goals – what worked, what didn’t, what have you leant, what will you do more of?
  2. Celebrate your successes – personal and business
  3. Revise and write down your plans. Often it is useful to have two sets of goals – one that is realistic and one that is a stretch (it can be amazing how close you can get to the stretch goals if you write them down).

Have a Fun Festive Season and Happy New Year