Is your Sales and Marketing Engine due an MOT?

Did you take time in January to review how your business went last year, set goals for the next 12 months and prepare a delivery plan for 2019? Are your sales and marketing activities on track for what you want to achieve this year?

The Challenge for SMEs

Sales and marketing can be comparatively easier in larger businesses. Why? Larger companies usually have larger, dedicated teams to focus on building and supporting the vision.  They can afford to spend a bit more money. And they can even sometimes afford a few of their ideas to go wrong. 

For SMEs, sales and marketing can be more challenging because:
  1. Your time and resources are more stretched. And as a result, focussing on whatever activities you are able to allocate, and having a detailed plan, are an absolute 'must'.
  2. Investment in learning 'soft skills' isn't a priority. It is a 'must' for STEM SMEs, and professional services organisations, to maintain their staff's technical expertise - through continuous professional development (CPD) and participation in academic institutions and membership bodies. However, in so many organisations, consideration of ongoing investment in the 'softer' (but equally important) business skills such as leadership, project management, sales & marketing, are often neglected because there is no industry requirement to invest in them. 
  3. The benefits or your innovation or service are obvious. Even the best innovation doesn't 'sell itself' - regrettably. This article by Peter Fiske in the international journal Nature. 'Why scientists need to market themselves' is a thoughtful piece on why scientists should adopt a two-point process of analysis and strategy to attract investment and the next job role.  An equally sensible approach for expanding the market reach of your innovation.

To help address some of these challenges for SMEs, I am running free Sales and Marketing MOT Workshops.

The workshops are designed to help business owners and those in charge of sales and marketing work out where to focus to achieve growth.

'Su's sales and marketing MOT workshop is an ideal session for anyone engaged in marketing. Her message is clear and interesting and based on Su's extensive personal and professional knowledge. Highly recommended.'

The next workshop is on 19 March, at Grove Business Park, Wantage. It would be great to see some of you there – you can find out more and book through this link.

If you are wondering whether to attend, the workshop is designed to help any SME leader: 

  • Get some clarity on how to develop a strategy that is tailored to your business.
  • Understand how to communicate a consistent message.
  • Focus on what is right for your business  – not just do the same as others.
  • A roadmap on how to ‘Take Control’. (To take a phrase from the Brexit campaign!)

 Could your Sales and Marketing machine be due an MOT?

Book your place on my next Sales and Marketing MOT Workshop or contact me with any enquiries:

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Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash