MOT Workshop

Are you attracting enough of the right kind of business?

No matter how shiny the exterior of your business vehicle, if you've not checked under the bonnet for a while, there may be issues with your sales and marketing engine and it’s unlikely to be running as smoothly as possible.

The SMEs I work with, from recently formed to long-established, are all looking for an engine tune-up because they:

- Need to increase and convert new business leads
- Are planning to launch a new product/service or
- Have reached a plateau and are not sure how to grow from here

This interactive MOT workshop will provide you with an understanding of the interior checks you need to carry out and a roadmap to make your sales and marketing machine run more smoothly. Join us for: 

Your Sales and Marketing MOT Workshop

Date: Tuesday 15th January, 9.30am-11am

Where: Boston House, Grove Business Park, Downsview Road, Wantage, OX12 9FF

Charge: FOC

Limited places are still available however booking, via Eventbrite, is essential: