Sales and Marketing MOT– as easy as 1,2,3

Working with companies in science, engineering and professional services, I come across a fair bit of anxiety and confusion around ‘marketing’. 

Taking away all the jargon, all good marketing and sales begins with analysing how you present yourself to your target market place. We start with a simple checklist of questions, see below – how easy is it for you to answer them? Which questions are hard to answer?

Taking those questions that are hard to answer, from as little as a half day workshop, I work with clients to bring clarity on how to bring more quality leads into their business. See how you get on.

The Sales and Marketing MOT checklist

1.Interior Check 

Who are your ideal customers?

What do you want to tell them?

2.Exterior Check

What do your ideal customers want to hear?

Where and how are they likely to look for your products/services?

3.Under Bonnet and Under Vehicle Checks

What are you doing already?

Is it working?

Who will do which activity?

How will you follow up?

How will you continue to check and measure once on the road?

You’ve Passed – Get Ready for the Road

Once you've completed your MOT, make sure you keep checking everything is running smoothly until your next annual check.

To book your personal Sales and Marketing MOT or workshop contact us