Three Tips: Your Ideal Client

How do you identify if you’re attracting your ideal client?

I was recently running an Ideal Client workshop when one of my engineering clients suddenly explained how exasperated he was with one ‘ideal client’. He said

the company is perfect, they have the right requirements, turnover, they are within our region…it’s just that they aren’t paying us on time and it’s really difficult to get hold of anyone…’

When you’re thinking about your ideal client profile; don’t stop at sector, geography, employee numbers and turnover. What else is important to you? Really understanding the profile of your ideal client will help you attract and spot the right ones for you amongst your prospects.

These are three characteristics which time and time again my clients say are important. 

  1. I Get a Genuine Buzz From Helping Them
  2. Communication is Excellent
  3. We Respect Each Other

Are they yours? Let's look at what these characteristics mean: 

  • I Get a Genuine Buzz From Helping Them 

The service or product you provide to this client is comfortably within your expertise – and you know you can do a good job and offer excellent customer care within budget. There may be times when your client tests you a little, but the challenge is always appreciated because it allows you to constantly improve. Your client appreciates this.

  • Communication is Excellent

Your client values your expertise and listens to your advice. You learn lots from them too.

They call/email/message you back when they say they will. They tell you clear deadlines, when they will be unavailable and when they are going on holiday so that you can plan.

They do what they say they will do.

You do the same, for all the above.

  • We Respect Each other

Your client pays you on time! They have made sure you are on the preferred supplier list and have a purchase order number in good time.  They and you agree clear terms, conditions and scope at the start of your engagement.

If any issues arise, you both sort them out professionally and move on.

You like the way your client treats and respects their staff. (You probably tell others too, you are proud to work with this client).

You put yourself in your client’s shoes to think ahead and make them look good to their colleagues.

This feels more like a partnership than an old-style ‘supplier/customer’ relationship.

Working together enhances both your reputations and improves the return on investment for both businesses.

 Wouldn’t we all like to work with clients like this? They do exist.

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