Top Tips on how to effectively build trust with your ideal client

Many people underestimate how much work it takes to build trust, from both sides of any partnership. Let's start by understanding why building trust from the start is so important?

  • Now more than ever, companies are 'pivoting' and therefore presenting new propositions and messages to the market.
  • With many teams put on furlough, the business leader may feel even more in need of some temporary outside help or simply someone to act as a sounding board.

How do you choose that temporary support or make sure you are the company chosen?

One important part of any decision-making process is trust, which in turn will lead to more valuable sales relationships - and you can take active steps to help build that trust. Here are a few:

  • BE CONSISTENT– Show up. Show up when you say you will, how you say you will and where you say you will – Always. People like to know that they can depend on the person behind the business. If meeting plans do go awry (which in my experience seems to be happening more than pre-lockdown), be quick to hold your hands up and reschedule.  
  • BE CLEAR, HONEST, OPEN - It is vital that you know your core values, mission and goals, and that you let others know what they are too. People buy people. It does not matter how good your product or service is, if the person providing the goods isn’t interacting with authenticity, your ideal client won’t either.
  • DEMONSTRATE UNDERSTANDING - Ensure that when your ideal client is Googling how to fix their current problem or challenge, yours is the voice they hear. Make sure that you are creating content that serves your customer – not yourself.
  • PROVIDE TESTIMONIALS/CASE STUDIES – Nobody likes to be the first to do something. If you can provide examples of work you have done before, it allows the customer to feel like they are following a proven road to success rather than being fearful of what is to come. (And before you comment, yes I know I’ve shared lots of testimonials but not case studies on my website – they are coming with my new website – happy to share if you ask me.)
  • SHARE THE STORY - People love and admire those that built their own business, those that made mistakes and learned from them, people that were willing to put normal life to one side, in order to make their passion a reality. Share the story, let people relate to you. Share your what’s, why’s and how’s. This will build deeper connections.

If you’d like help with building trust, such as communicating your values and reaching out to ideal clients, contact me for a confidential 15-minute call to find out if I can help you.