Strategic Support: Your Interim Marketing Director

An interim Marketing Director is an economic way of engaging an experienced senior marketer.

You may need short-term strategic support to help create a business plan - your roadmap for growth.  

You may require the services of an interim marketing director to help with a specific project (such as a launching a new product or service to market) or to ensure you adhere to the plan.

When to consider short-term strategic marketing support:

  • When you need an experienced pair of hands to address a challenge.
  • For fresh ideas to turn around or improve performance.
  • When you can't afford a full-time Marketing Director.
  • When you or your senior team need impartial and personal guidance to support a plan.
  • To recruit and embed new marketing resources.
  • For extra energy, enthusiasm and drive to get the job done.

Choose to work with us on a short fixed-term or for a day or two per month.

We can help you with strategy by providing:

  • A twelve-month marketing roadmap
  • A five-year strategic plan
  • An Interim Marketing Director, to make sure you are adhering to the plan
  • Analysis of your current activities

To find out if we can provide the right kind of strategic support for you, contact Su on 01235 606077 or email