Improve your Message to Market

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to call this 'positioning', 'branding', 'messaging' or 'word-of-mouth referral'.

What does matter is how you, your colleagues and others describe your business. Get it right and you attract the right kind of customers, stand out against competitors and make it easy for others to refer and recommend your services or product.

Questions which will help discover whether you need help with messaging include:

  • Does our messaging stand out in the market?
  • Is our message consistent on our materials?
  • Are we attracting the right kind of client?
  • Is our message believable?
  • Is it easy for others to refer our services / products?
  • Have we written our company values, are these in our messaging?
  • Are we up-to-date with how our competitors describe themselves?
  • Is everyone in our company describing us in the same way? 

Taking the time to clarify and review your messaging is important for aligning your sales and marketing tools.

We can improve your message to market by:

  • Helping you to clarify your ideal client profiles
  • Researching your competitors
  • Ensuring your message is consistent across all channels and materials
  • Training your teams

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