Sales and Marketing Process Improvement

Better processes attract and win better clients

You might believe that your teams are not gaining enough new business, or that they feel uncomfortable selling. Clients make a range of comments which lead to  looking at sales process improvement. Do any of these sound familiar?   

Once in front of people we're really good, just not getting enough enquires
We’re engineers, not sales people
We're scientists, not maketers
We used to get more referrals
We win everything through word-of-mouth
Events are working for us in the way they used to
We've got lots of leads, just not the right kind
I'm uncomfortable presenting to investors and asking for money 

We can help you improve your sales process through:

  • Analysis and written report of your current processes
  • Creation of a repeatable structure to suit your business model
  • Guidance and help to implement improved materials such as proposals and presentations
  • Tailored training (such as Presenting to Investors, Networking Skills, Telephone Skills for Excellent Customer Care) 

To discuss how we could help you improve your sales and marketing processes, please contact Su on 01235 606077 or email.