What Service Are You Looking For?

Questions you might be asking:

Can you help us plan?

What should we be doing? Where could we improve?

Can you help us win more business?

Once in front of people we’re great, we’re just not getting enough leads/enquiries.  We're engineers, not marketers.

We don't think we stand out in the marketplace?

We know what we need to do, but are not sure how to do it...  

 How do we find someone to help us?

How do we choose a good website developer / copywriter / PR expert? Where can we find quality telemarketing or tailored commercial training?

Priddey Marketing delivers clarity and support to get the right results for your business

Su taught me a lot about marketing...Would I work with her again? Yes, of course, she brings results.'

Develop a strategy and tactics on how to attract more quality business. Deliverables include: 

  1. Being clear about your ideal client 
  2. Having a clear market message 
  3. Client & prospect knowledge based on meaningful research 
  4. A tailored marketing plan, with 3 clear key strategies
  5. A simple roadmap on how to deliver the strategies
  6. Development of inhouse processes, to ensure repeated success
  7. Mentoring of inhouse teams, to ensure delivery
  8. Strategic sounding board to senior management
  9. Access to a network of experienced experts