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Claim your niche

When I ask a client, “who is this product/service aimed at?” I get disheartened by any response that starts with “Anyone in the … [enter age group, industry, interest group]. In general, any sentence which begins with a sweeping generalisation of “anyone,” is for a start not going to be true as this suggests without …

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What problem does your product or service solve?

As discussed in the previous blog identifying your ideal client, partner or investor is just the beginning of a successful marketing campaign. The next aspect is understanding the problems they have that your product or service solves. Essentially, why should they buy from you? Identifying their pain point Marketeers refer to this problem solving as …

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Know your market

The science, technology and engineering sectors provide very specific services and therefore have very specific target markets. Clearly identifying those who will be benefit from your products or services helps with crafting the perfect message to attract them. Getting started Identifying your target market requires specific information about your business, your product and your potential …

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Is marketing ‘pivot’ relevant for your STEM organisation?

‘Pivot’ became the new buzz word during lockdown. Just another example of marketing ‘spin’? Does it apply to you? ‘Pivot’ means a significant change of direction. Harvard Business Review published an insightful article on how businesses have pivoted. Although it focusses mainly on B2C, there are useful examples and insights into the dangers of making …

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