The Three Areas of Marketing

To understand our approach to marketing, it's easiest to think of it as three key areas. In the early days we naturally focus on tools, as a business grows it's time to re-evaluate message and process.


Are you broadcasting the right message to the right people? Clients / Prospects/ Investors/Stakeholders / Colleagues

Also called ‘positioning’ and ‘branding’


Are you clear about goals and how you are going to get there?

Do you understand your ideal customer journey?

Are your internal sales & marketing teams and systems working in harmony?

Have you considered GDPR?

How are you measuring targets and ROI?


The tools you use to attract, nurture and retain ideal clients

e.g. database, business cards & corporate stationery, website, content schedule, LinkedIn, Twitter, advertising, referral programme, events, telemarketing, stands, marketing leaflets, explainer videos, networking,

memberships, sales collateral, sales proposal template, demo kits, press kits, webinars….