Sales & Marketing Strategy and Training

Specialist Marketing Mentoring, Strategy and Training

Our focus is on driving sales & marketing performance for clients

Typically those clients work within the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, medical) and professional services sectors. 

As a company grows, many business leaders reach a point when they observe the need to assess and improve their sales and marketing activities. It’s time to re-evaluate:

  • Your marketing message
  • Your sales process

With Priddey Marketing you have access to strategic guidance when you need it, combined with access to quality experts, who can help you deliver growth.

If you'd like to explore how we could support you, email or call Su on 01235 606077 for a no-obligation chat.

Commercial training provided in association with sister company STEMM Commercial ( courses approved by The Royal Society of Chemistry).   

We can help you by offering:

  • An interim Marketing Director - to provide strategic support and guidance.
  • A strategic roadmap - for growth across sales and marketing functions
  • Market messaging - evaluation and enhancement
  • Process improvement - across sales and marketing functions
  • GDPR guidance - across the business
  • Commercial skills training - including sales & marketing, telephone skills for customer care, networking skills, presentation skills for fundraising & stakeholder engagement
  • Support and access to experts - to help you implement and embed improvements